What is an anchor?

What is an Anchor?

When our journey through life is underpinned by a spiritual convergence, we often find ourselves thinking that something has happened for a reason. This may be good or bad. This is what I call an anchor. Although we have free will to determine how our journey looks and feels, we are to an extent enslaved to the actions and decisions that other people make. Likewise, we may also be predisposed to influences from the moon and the stars.

When this happens and spirit wishes to guide us, the life changing event creates an anchor point in the timeline that determines who we are. If you think back to your own past, you’ll recognise moments where certain things happened that changed your life forever. For example, falling in love, beginning a family, or perhaps starting a new career. We move from one anchor to the next, where these fixed points in time act like the numbers in a dot to dot puzzle. Only later on, do we realise the picture being created.

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