Spiritual Protection

When you open and close to spirit, the words that you speak are not really important.

It’s actually about the visualisation in your mind. Imagine that a white ball of light is sitting above your head, lightly touching the top. Then imagine this light moving down through your face, neck and shoulders and then through your entire body. If you know anything about chakras, imagine the light filling those in turn. Once filled with light, in your mind push the light outwards so that you’re surrounded in a ball of protection. Nothing negative can penetrate this ball. It’s a shield acting on your behalf. We then say this short prayer (or something similar):

We ask the Higher Side of Life for Protection. We ask our guides to come forward and to help us communicate with spirit. To give us thoughts, feelings and emotions. To place images into our mind. To speak so that we may hear you and to let yourself be see and your presence be known. We invite spirit to step forward and to use me as a medium, to pass on messages so that souls may connect, learn and grow together. I now leave myself open to spirit. In peace and respect, Amen.

When closing to spirit, we maintain the visualisation of white light and then say this short prayer (or similar):

We’d like to thank the Higher Side of Life for the protection on this day, and our guides for helping us communicate with spirit. We would also like to thank the spirit that came forward to communicate with us. We now leave you in peace in respect, and ask that spirit acknowledges that I am now closing, Amen.

Then brush down your aura and stamp your feet on the ground – again this is about visualisation and routine. You may also want to burn sage in your home or light white candles (do not leave naked flames unattended!). As you do so, firmly tell spirit to leave you alone (if they are bothering you). I also recommend the use of protective crystals such as turmaline or black obsidian.

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