Human Wifi

There exists within all people, an energy field powered by our soul. This can be seen as an aura. It is this energy that defines our relationship with the world and the people around us. Sometimes, that energy connects with another and establishes a link between the two. This allows us to sense someone’s intentions and emotions beyond the physical interpretations of action and body language. For example, you feel someone’s sadness even though they’re physically separated from you, a friend or family member and you feel the need to reach out to them. A deep sense of empathy or simply knowing something about that person can build within us. Often, we don’t understand how we know this and it can be a prelude to cognitive abilities or a deep sense of intuition. When we meet someone, their energy may feel good to us or equally it may feel bad. This is what I call Human Wifi.

Are you an empath? Do you sense emotions or has there been a time when you’ve simply known something about a person by connecting to their energy?

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