Does spirit age?

Does Spirit Age?

In short, yes and no! This one is a bit complicated, so I’ll explain it as best as I can. Our soul does age in that time passes in a linear way. That means that the past cannot be changed. But we can replay the past in our mind, reliving memories and thinking about the different paths that could have been, but went unexplored. You can do that right now.

On the physical plane, we’re bound by the laws of physics as we understand it. So time is relative and passes at a certain rate which we can measure. So that’ll be in years as a measurement of age. When alive, we grow old as time passes. But when we pass to the Higher Side of Life, we are no longer bound by those same laws. Our soul is energy based and although time is still linear, we can reflect on our past so that lessons can be learned. In the same way, what seems to be years to us may be seconds to spirit. Their concept of time is different to ours as they can move from one memory to the next.

When I’ve read someone and connected to spirit, I’ve seen them to grow older, or remain the same age as they were when they died, and even on some instances they show themselves to be younger. I believe that this means that they can choose how to show themselves and that it may also be determined by the time period in which they are reflecting.

So most appear to age and they do grow older as times passes, but they can also appear to be younger or the same age if they wish to remain like this. It’s a personal preference for them. That’s why a 500 year old spirit in a haunted castle can still appear to be 30 years old. They are reflecting on the time they lived at that stage of life and so they appear to be that age.

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