Paranormal Investigation

​The 3am Club


The 3am Club is a non-profit investigation team offering charity and public investigations across Scotland and the United Kingdom. They investigate alleged paranormal activity from a spiritual perspective. They support historic conservation of local and national landmarks, working discreetly and with respect to spirit and the property / location. ​They are not ghost hunters. Their aim is to investigate and educate people on aspects of spirituality and paranormal activity.

Scottish Paranormal

Haunted Scotland is managed by the Scottish Paranormal team and has over two decades of verifiable experience. Team members have featured on Brew Dogs, Help! My House Is Haunted, Most Haunted, Tough Gig and behind scenes of Ghost Hunters International. They provide research, history, local knowledge tours and online presentations of their work.

Lee Dunn is a founding member of The 3am Club and an honorary member of the Scottish Paranormal team. He is an experienced paranormal investigator and spiritual medium, working in locations across the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Romania and Australia.