Free 7-Day Coaching Plan

Throughout our interactions with other people, we can begin to change our lives. But we also need to understand ourself, our desires and any barriers to progress. This 7 day coaching plan is designed to get you started. 

You'll need a diary, notebook or some means to record your thoughts. You'll also need will power as change comes from within you.

Each 'day' provides a short introduction, an activity and some advice.

The key to success is to imagine the immediate circle of influence - we often get caught up on the big things, when in fact the little things are the easier to change. Small changes now can lead to bigger changes later.

Good luck!

Day 1


It's time to acknowledge yourself and others. Your first step towards embracing your spiritual self, is to open your mind to the people around you. You also need to make time for yourself. Think about who you are as a person. You don't need to be perfect (non of us are!) but you do need to acknowledge your strengths and areas for development. 

Today, write down the names of those closest to you. The ones you can trust and depend on and the ones you love the most. They may be family or friends. And then write down all the things you're already good at (skills and things like that) alongside a list of things that you want to learn about or get better at in the future. 

Top tip: be realistic but ambitious - and don't put yourself down as you have more potential than you realise!

Day 2

Intuitive Perception

You need to trust yourself. Most of us find this really hard. 

Today, I want you to listen to that voice inside. It can be tamed so don't worry about any negative thoughts you have. We all have those and it's normal. Acknowledge them and write down anything that's bothering or worrying you. Once you've done that, it's time to think about the good things. Put your positive pants on and write down all the things that you're excited about, for example, what do you have to look forward to this year? If you're struggling for examples, go back to that Day 1 list and look at the names of the people you jotted down. Pick 3 names and write down some nice things about them.

Top tip: try to list two positive thoughts for every one negative thought. Trust your intuition as it can serve you really well!

Day 3


When people talk, they don't just use words. They also use emotion.

Today, I want you to listen to other people's voices. Try to mirror the words and the language that they use. Listen to the emotion in their voice. Are they happy, sad or indifferent? Why do you think they have that emotion? Use your intuition and engage them in conversation. Take a note in your diary, of anything that you experience. Perhaps you can use a discussion as an example?

Top tip: we often talk with people but how much of the conversation do you remember? The ability to listen and to establish a deeply human connection also enables us to connect to the spiritual world. We need to listen to our own positive mind, too!

Day 4

Set Your Goal

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I will normally ask you to set goals. That's how we measure and evaluate progress. but goals don't need to be massive.

Today, I want you to set aside any negative emotions and to try and be positive. Again, just do your best. Reach out the the people on your Day 1 list and ask them how they are. Your goal is to simply be connected. Write down the names of everyone you talk to and note anything of interest. How did you feel when talking to them? 

Top tip: remember that goals can be small. Each morning, set yourself one goal for the day. As time goes on, you can then build the goal into something larger and more life changing, for example, a new job or a promotion.

Day 5

Explore Your Reality

It's time to be curious and to dig a little deeper into your intuitive perception.

Today, ask those you meet (virtually or in person!) a question. Wait for them to answer. Listen to what they say (remember the lessons from day 3!). Dig deeper and explore the discussion in more detail before changing the subject. Set yourself a new goal and explore something that you have never considered before. 

Top tip: curiosity doesn't need a lot of energy. But it does need time. To move life forward, we need to invest our time. But start small. Think on a topic and learn a new fact. An internet search engine can help. But watch for that reality check! What is the source of the information and can it be trusted?

Day 6

Setting Objectives

Larger goals can seem out of reach. Sometimes, they need to be broken down into smaller milestones or objectives.

Today is about failure as well as success. Sometimes, we believe that we need things to succeed all the time and when they don't we beat ourselves up. Try setting two or three small objectives that lead towards one of your goals. For example, to go to the shops or to do the ironing. How can you make the most of your day and feel that you have achieved something?

Top tip: be brave and don't be afraid to fail. Make a point of being big and bold and remember that if you don't meet an objective, you can always try again, tomorrow. That pile of ironing isn't going to sort itself out, but in the grand scheme of things, how important is it?

Day 7

What's Next?

Now that you've spent some time reflecting, you need to work out your next steps. 

Today is about planning ahead. Try looking at the relationships around you. Who can support you when you try to accomplish your objectives or goals? Who will you bring with you on your journey. Progression is about building on what you've already gained.

Top tip: set yourself new objectives for the week ahead. If you're confident, try setting a new goal. Maintain your diary and seek to change another aspect of your life. Do you need to build a new relationship or seek support from someone new? What have you learned from this experience?

If you want to know more, try looking at the free 'What is your why?' resource or take a look at the Spiritual Life Coaching section for more information.