About Me

From a young age, I experienced strange phenomenon which I could not explain at the time. Later, I realised that I'd been connecting with spirit. I kept this secret from my family and friends until I was older. I was just beginning secondary school when I started to describe to other people the things that I could see and hear. For a while, I ignored the unseen world that reached out to me.


I had my first paranormal experience was I was around 13 years old, during a visit to Madame Tussauds in London. Today, I've investigated hundreds of locations around the United Kingdom, Australia, Bulgaria and Romania. I work my mediumship in my spare time, having started my career as a school teacher and then more recently as a senior university lecturer. I'm what you could call a sceptical medium. I've had many experiences over the years and I believe completely in the spiritual world, but I also seek to apply logic and scientific approaches to paranormal investigation, using triangulation of data sources.